Dhanush on new flick 3 and his childhood days

A still from the press meet of 3

Very recently the beautiful Aishwarya announced her first movie as a director starring the Aadukulam star Dhanush in the lead alongside Shruti Haasan who replaced ‘Mynaa’ Amala Paul.This new movie Dhanush movie is titled 3 – ‘Moonu’. The actor is the youngest one to win the National Award for acting but says ‘It is an accident that the award came to him.’ According to him, ‘anyone who did the role of KP Karuppu would have won the award given the fact that Vetrimaran would have made anyone in the shoes of that character perform to the best.’ Recently Kollytalk met Dhanush, here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Dhanush you look so relaxed, but let us start of the interview with you telling us about Aishwarya’s directorial venture. What do you have to say about that?

 I hope to do a great job with the movie. She has worked hard to get to where she is. I will surely try and add value to all her efforts.

 Wow, what more do you need when she has someone like you to back her up, we are sure your movie will come out in bright colors.

 Thanks for that, but I would always prefer giving her professional support in the same light. I don’t want people to say that it was because of me that she is doing well. She has it in her blood, do I need to say more on that?

Oh we totally understand what you mean.

 As a matter of fact I keep telling her she needs to give more attention to grasp the basics. I always enjoyed her short films and always discussed about her movies as any other viewer would. That is all the effort I put in.

 Perfect, so moving on to your professional side, how do you balance commercial films like Aadukalam?

 As I have said before doing something like Aadukalam is really much easier than doing some over the top commercial movies. Please don’t think I am against it but that is the nature of such movies, at the same time as a professional I am game for it. I like to do a film like Aadukalam and also comedies, action films and family dramas. I want people to say that I can do a spectrum of roles.

That is really surprising! We always thought commercial cinema was way easier. What was your reaction when you received the national award for your performance?

 Although after my shoots when Vetrimaran sir told me I would win a national award I was thinking he is just saying all this in the exciting moment, well everything turned out as he predicted thanks to the almighty and his sweet words.

Oh yes! We have heard many praises of you from the big director, we are glad you have not let him down. So back to your choice of movies commercial cinema or otherwise?

 It is important to balance both sides but more often I find myself in commercial cinema. In the back of the mind I love to keep an eye on the B and C centers after all my fans see me as one amongst them. There is one side of me that craves for a performance oriented role and then there is the other one, I need to feed both of them simultaneously. Movies like Pudupettai, Athu Oru Kana Kaalam and Aadukalam satisfy me personally as an actor. I am here to entertain the audience and at the same time make a profit for the producer who invests in me. In a way commercial films are more important to me.

 Now Rajinikanth is back in Chennai, is there a celeberation in the waiting?

 Well, the moment has passed long before. Back then we couldn’t celebrate as you know. Currently I am busy finishing Selva’s film and of course Aishwarya’s movie is in line. I have to squeeze time for both, it is going to be a tight schedule.

 Exactly, so let us ask you about your personal life particularly your college and student life, do you miss it?

 Surely I missed those four years ago. After my son Yatra was born I don’t regret anything. There is so much to celebrate.

 Wow! It surely is a wonderful feeling your smile says it all. Working alongside brother Selvaraghavan must be fun. You know each other so well?

Haha, it is the other way round and a disadvantage as outside our circle everyone wants to sign me for my strengths contrary to that my family knows all my minus points.

Well you are lucky to have a loving family that knows you inside out. Do you think the fantasies of the film world keeps you away from reality, and in turn it will affect your performance?

I always strive that nothing affects my performance because human emotions are the same all over, universally. I may not know the price of sugar but I know what crying and laughing is. Performing is emoting, and emotions will never change.

Emotions never change that is very rightly said. So does it bother you when your performances responsible for your stardom has also taken away your privacy?

I have been at it for the last 11 years. There are two sides to a gold coin and similarly losing privacy is part of celebrity life. Thanks to the almighty that I have the power to entertain millions of people and make them laugh and cry, travel places meet fans and people. The blessings surely outweigh the negative side of my lifestyle.

Thank you Dhanush for your time, we loved ever bit of our time spent with you, hope you win many national awards in the future and entertain many more generations to follow with your style.





  1. DK

    This guy is amazing..loads of talent he has, but still modest..pudupettai was his best,he carried that movie on his shoulders..even people with heavy built cant potray the way he did..every 3 months his new movie gets released still decent earner..dhanush looking forward your movie with selva..al the best 

  2. Vasin

    Fuc. That woman looks fat n old. How the hell the flat bellied Dhanush stays with her? Disgusting looking woman.

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