Dhanush Mappillai to release on April 8

Dhanush with the legend
Dhanush with the legend

Dhanush is not yet over with his Aadukalam hangover as he recently confessed loving Karuppu so much that he feared turning into a real like Karuppu soon. Here is an excerpt from the interview with the sensational actor before his movie Mappillai release, a long due film that promises to be the first attraction post-world cup season.

Aadukalam has received good response, what does Tapsee have to say about it, she is a new comer and must be really happy isn’t it? Where you really happy with her performance?

Tapsee is a very sweet girl a simple learner it is not about being a new comer. As we all know let it be a new or not a heroine doesn’t know Tamil these days but she was convincing nevertheless and very adapting to the challenges.

Would you update us on your upcoming project?

First of all my next movie is Mappillai with Suraj an action comedy quite opposite to my character in Aadukalam, and there are more to follow.

(Reportedly the movie ‘Mappillai’ is releasing on April 8)

It will be a commercial venture for you this time quite parallel to Aadukalam isn’t it?

See, there are different sets of audiences certainly some of them like Aadukalam and some would prefer Mapillai, as an actor I cannot satisfy all audience at once with a specific movie or just one film, it is important that I divide my attention and choose my movies suitably. Aadukalam was a movie where I satisfied myself and the audience too but Mapillai is mere commercial entertainer.

How did the title come across, you decided it?

It is just a spark that occurred to me that it will suit me the best. I thought it will work out really well because of the superb script but people think it is otherwise since I am “the” Mapillai. To be honest it was the script. We have taken the crux of the older movie though and Suraj has fabulously adapted it to my style hopefully it won’t disappoint at the box office.

Will we now also see you in a Rajini sir starrer soon?

Oh won’t I love t it!It surely will be a great opportunity and honor to share the screen with him. I am waiting for the perfect opportunity. Thanks.

Dhanush do you really need to wait for the right chance, your last movie did good business and Mappillai being a commercial project is sure to bring in some more good times ahead.Rajini Sir must be only more impressed by you, best of luck for your next venture, we will wait for April 8th.


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