Dhanush happy for Selvaraghavan

Dhanush in Seedan
Dhanush in Seedan

Dhanush is no more considered a part and parcel of just commercial pot boilers. His image has changed drastically and it is only a reward to his choice of remaining open to experiment with roles. The Vetri Maaran-directed Aadukalam has done well at the box-office and Dhanush is basking in appreciation gleefully these days.

Aadukalam is a part commercial and an experimental movie at the same time, do you think there has been a change in the way people perceive you as an actor after the release.
You know I worked to get my act together for 3 years, but for a moment never felt anything went waste. It is all so enjoyable. Thanks to Vetri Maaran who has been equally responsible to help me get into the character of the movie.

Today many of my fans refer to me fondly as ‘K P Karuppu’ and tease me when they greet me ‘I am love you’. It is really satisfying when people identify you such a way. The best part was when after watching the film, Rajni sir told me, “What Mullum Malarum did for my career, Aadukalam will do for yours.”

The duo of Vetri Maaaran and G V Prakash is surely doing wonders how did you come across the deadly combination?

Vetri Maaran was an assistant in Balu Mahendra’s Athu Oru Kanaa Kaalam. We started a long cherished collaboration back then and it has been a 7 year long friendship. He is much like my brother.

Actually, Vetri generally doesn’t like including songs in his movies, but his casual picturization went a long way to make GV’s song Yathe Yathe work big time.

GV Prakash’s song acted like a catalyst to the overall success of the film. It is a great combination I must say.

Your project Seedan is not far away. What do you have to say about it?

No, it is not my film as I have mentioned earlier too. I just have an appearance for 40 minutes post interval.

Just 40 minutes? Does that qualify as you suggested a cameo?

Still I would say it is not my film, as it belongs to the hero (Krishna) and heroine (Anuya), who are fantastic in the film.

I really want to dedicate the film to all the women in my family. Honestly, I did the film because of my belief in God
Is Maapillai different from the original version?

Yes it will be different from the original and I believe there is no point in making a scene to scene remake of Rajni Sirs movie. The concept of the movie is close to the original version.

I have really tried to stay away copy Rajni Sir’s addictive body language, although I have tried to get a taste of his dialogue delivery for sure.

How do you find the experience collaborating director Hari in Venghai? Given the fact the he is one amongst the top commercial directors.

Oh Venghai is really a movie to watch out. The working style is really professional. He has always kept me on my toes and with every second there is something we are aiming for. I cannot believe our crew has completed 80 % of the film already. He is very systematic.

Erandam Ulgam will see you collaborating with Selvaraghavan after 5 years.

Selva has always been there, it almost feels like going back to school. We know each other professionally and personally like anyone else would.

You must be really enjoying ‘anni’s company?

You know Gitanjali is really an angel as Selva earlier mentioned. She is such a favorite amongst our family members. She definitely has brought stability to Selva’s life. She is the sunshine of his life and ours too.

That is really wonderful. We wish you success for you upcoming movies Dhanush, have a great time. Once again congratulations to Selvaraghavan and Gitanjali.


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