CS Amudhan, venkat prabhu Controversy heatens up

Hands Up, hosted by film critic Sudhish Kamat. The casual teasing made by Amudhan, intended at Chennai 28, in an episode that featured him and Shiva was duly answered by Venkat in a subsequent show.leading to war of words

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Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

To Watch the reply Venkat prabhu and premji gave in the next episode click here, its real fun watch the brothers.

After Venkat prabhu show, the war of words started.

Some of recorded scripts

Amudhan:”Dear Sudhish, My main frustration is with people born into film families assuming that they own cinema. But i accept your apology”

Venkat:”Sudhish now i am really hurt. Why should he bring my family in. Have we ever behaved that way like we own the industry…Tell him…to grow up… He has just started his career and with this attitude I am sorry to say this he is not going to go anywhere” – VenkatPrabhu

I wish to publicly apologise to Mr. C.S. Amudhan, Mr. Shiva, Mr. Venkat Prabhu and Mr. Premgi Amaren for any confusion or bitterness caused by your comments on my show Hands Up in Episodes 2 and 5 respectively.

I realised that started as an innocuous joke misfired big time because of miscommunication and egging done by me (though intended in good humour). I apologise for the bad taste it has left in all our mouths.

I urge both parties to please make peace. You both make irreverent films and any infighting is injurious to the health of humour in Tamizh Cinema.

I take full blame and responsibility for this misadventure and admit that these comments by either parties were provoked by me in the course of the show.

I hope we are able to end the matter right away now that I have apologised on behalf of both of you to each other.

I admit it was wrong to have poked fun at a superhit film like Tamizh Padam and a cult film like Chennai 28 and it was entirely my fault. It was not my intention to undermine anyone’s effort and hard work.

So kindly accept my apology and shake hands with each other.

Thank you.


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