Cinematographer P S Vinod clashes with Aaranya Kandam Director

P S Vinod
P S Vinod

Renowned Cinematographer PS Vinod had his share of good times and bad times (which he won’t accept since it is against his professional ethics) shooting for Aaranya Kandam.

Apparently in a scene the director wanted to present a huge part of the dialogue with emphasis on the actor’s feet. Here is what he had to say when one of our close sources had a chit chat with him during a walk.

We heard you had a clash of thoughts with the director, the promising director Thiagarajan Kumararaja during a particular scene, is it true Sir?
Well, it was just part of the profession, agreements and disagreements are part of the game .TK wanted to specifically highlight the movements of the feet of the characters who would render their dialogues as they recited their lines moving from one point to the other. It was quite unnatural to shoot such a scene. Well, we resolved it out later after a short discussion .It’s intent was to create an unsettling feeling during the movies and initially I thought it was a little over the top.

So is the scene been chopped off?

Of course later on we decided to do away with the scene for the film’s benefit after mutual consent.

wish you good luck for the upcoming ventures movie and this movie too.

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