Chit-Chat with Kushboo and Suresh Krishna


We had a session with Khushbu and Suresh Krishna recently here is what they had to say about star rivalry and each other’s love for Chennai on a personal and professional level. They just attended the Carlsberg 2nd International Film Festival Nagpur, to receive Heart of Cinema award on behalf of the CM.

So how has the Orange city experience been?

“Nagpurians are as sweet as oranges!”

(But we thought oranges were sour Suresh!)

“We really enjoyed the interaction with the audience at the film festival.”

Was it really tough to make changes in the script? Did you hesitate for once since it was written by the CM himself?

“You know, directors are always at loggerheads with writers! I always told him whatever I preferred and he was open to them. He would always give me suggestions and inputs, but wasn’t in any ways interfering. In the end, I went about filming in the manner I thought would do justice to his script.”

So Khushbu Ma’am this one is for you, how was it working with the director?

Khushbu: I am completely a director’s actor. I just go to the sets like clay and am ready to be molded in any character as per my director’s thoughts.

Suresh: I’ve worked with her and though I tell her what I want before the shot it often seems that most of the time Khushbu is in her own world. She’s either on phone, on a social networking site, blogging, chatting or joking .The only moment you can get her attention is the minute I say action; there she is in the skin of the character! She’s a definitely a very spontaneous actor!

You really have a fetish for tattoos don’t you. We really loved the song in Sathya it was awesome.

Haha, thank you. Yes! I’m really fond of diamonds and antique jewellery; and tattoos fascinate me. In fact, I have four tattoos, and two of them are dedicated to my kids and husband.

You mentioned before that you have never regretted moving to Chennai. Did you get scared in times when you had made a sensitive remark on pre marital sex?

As I mentioned before I’ve never regretted moving to Chennai from Mumbai because during my tough times  I luckily had some really dear friends who were hiding me in their home when non-bailable warrants were issued against me. They even ferried my kids from school using different cars to evade the snooping paparazzi. I thanked God that I was in Chennai! It is really close to my heart.

Definitely Chennai’s got some soul. Back to you Suresh you have always worked with the mega stars of Kollywood have you felt that there is a rivalry amongst them.

“No at all on the contrary, I have seen the two have always appreciated each other, and have attended functions together and generally they enjoy a really good time in each other’s company. It is just hype.
You must be close to Rajnikanth, do you have any personal insights on the star?

You know he is the most down-to-earth person I’ve seen. He never roams with security, and is always there on the sets on time and is so bothered about how any film is shaping up. For e.g. when I was assisting

K Balachander on Ek Duje Ke Liye, he would always ask about its progress. Over the phone we used to talk about many things and on such instance he said Kamal is such a wonderful actor, his talent should be recognized the world over!

So you think the first days of the box office are enough to decide the fate of a movie these days?

Suresh: Good question. It’s rather unfortunate, but true! But it is quite funny in a way my movie Illaignan which is running for the past 25 days should be counted as a silver jubilee!”

Khushbu: Haha. There are many changes in the industry these days. This vanity van culture is spoiling the family bond that once existed on the sets. Earlier, we’d eat together, watch others’ shots and also learn in the process. Today I don’t see that happening.

Final one for you so do you think the South Indian Film industry is in the spotlight these days because they are more hardworking? (Ashish Kulkarni of the Krishna animation series fame is working more in the South these days too.)
Whether it’s TV or film, the kind of professionalism that every project is treated with here is amazing. Also this gives them an edge when it comes to film making. If you see whether it’s the technology in filmmaking, editing, sound recording we have everything here and are the first to get it. Nothing came overnight we all have contributed to Tamil cinema collectively to reach such a competitive level you know.

Thank you for a wonderful time Khushboo Ma’am and Suresh Sir we are glad that you took out some time from your busy schedules.



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