Chinmayis naughty act at Mc Donalds


Well Chinmayi is surely the busiest dubbing artist for Kollywood these days, but people outside the industry sometimes miss a chance to recognize this multi – faceted star who is also a singer. She shares an incident with us on her visit to Mc Donalds recently this is what exactly happened.In her words,

Hi Chinmayi what is happening ?

You know I would like to share this with you.

I was at Mc Donalds recently waiting to take away a glass of  Iced tea. Soon the guy at the counter arrived and before I gave my order, he asks me aren’t you the singer? I gladly said yes . Much to my surprise his next question was Ma’am what is your name?

Good Lord! He hands me a comment form to fill up and asks me how is the service ma’am?

I asked him what service are you referring to exactly? I just asked for Take Away!

Soon he folds the comment form to the space and insists me to fill up the name and birthday section; I filled my friends name and left : p

That was Chinmayi for you; this guy will surely call you by your friends name next time Chinmayi.



  1. Vasin

    Enna ithu porthikittu? After a few guys boasted about her I checked a few photos of her. She doesn’t dress well.

  2. Vasin

    Why hate? She is arrogant but the other side of arrogance could be interesting. Now I have watched a few videos on her but I have not found her very special like Anu Hassan although she is clearly above average.

  3. gee

    woooow, that is suuuch a pretty churidar…she just doesn’t know how to carry it unfortunately : especially the dupatta

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