Chinmayis experience at the musicians union festival

Sujatha Ma'am and Chitra Ma'am
Sujatha Ma'am and Chitra Ma'am

Recently we showed you pictures of the  musicians union gala that took place in Chennai, post the event we had a talk with singer Chinmayi who was only happy in sharing the experience with us, for those who missed it here is an update.


Hey Chinmayi how was the musicians union gala, you were a part of it isn’t it, how was the expeience?

Oh yes I was there .It was a super package of performances .Chitra ma’am had everyone flat she sang Veerapandi Kottaiyile. What a singer!! I love her. You missed it!

Then, there was Rahman sir’s performance .He did a special medley with Harini and Unnikrishnan anna. There was Raja sir who shared some wonderful anecdotes. He was a treat to listen.

Oh and how can I forget Yuvan’s arrival? Everyone was screaming for him. He preferred to speak little and sang only four lines before he left.

Would you believe it I ended up spending 8 hours in at the event? The orchestra was stunning at its best don’t put the blame on me.


You are making us feel so bad missing out on this one!

Haha, oh I forgot there was Yesuda sir’s Vizhiye with Sujatha ma’am .You know she sang the duet in her first ever performance in Chennai with Yesudas sir when she was just 9.What a lovely moment.

Don’t worry you can catch the show on Jaya TV, they have plans to telecast it soon.Goodbye till then.

Thanks for that tip Chnimayi, you had a great time certainly.Have a great watch guys.


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  1. guy

    which of chinmayi’s account was this lifted from? twitter or facebook? come on guys, we all know u never had a honest interview with any of the artists..

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