Cheran talks on Muran

Muran is all about how two people, with totally different personalities, influence each other. “It’s also about how the society creates problems for the two. This film will be a sure-shot entertainer,” says Cheran. The Director-turned actor has begun shooting for his next project, Muran, directed by debutant Rajan Madhav, on the ECR stretch. The film, which went on the floors on September 3, has Cheran and Prasanna in the lead.

When did this project Project come to your mind.
It was just after I had finished work on Pokkisham that I met Rajan through a common friend. We spoke at length about cinema and filmmaking, and then, Rajan narrated the story of Muran to me.

What made you Produced the Film too
When I heard the story, I realised the film could be entertaining and thrilling at the same time. I found out that a particular character would suit me well — the man has a complicated attitude, is submissive and gets threatened easily. The other characters in the film confuse and dominate me.

Any specific reason why you choose Prasaana in a stronger character than yours ?
When Rajan said he wanted a person who could dominate me and make life a challenge for me, Prasanna came to my mind, It’s difficult for an actor to act in the same frame with Prakash Raj. But when I saw Prasanna, a newcomer then, in a scene in Azhagiya Theeye, sitting on the bench and talking casually to Prakash, I was bowled. He is one actor who can pull off any character with ease.

Heard that you are a musician in the film and you learned guitar for it
Yes I play a musician in the film and there are at least four important sequences where there will be close-up shots of me playing the guitar. Audiences today are intelligent and it’s impossible to fool them. They can easily find out if an artiste is just pretending. So, I learnt to play the instrument for four months, and I’ve gained so much confidence now that I can play the guitar on my own,


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