Bindu Madhavi turns promiscuous

Bindu Madhavi
Bindu Madhavi

An artist generally hesitates to do negative roles; it’s sad that the society looks into certain characters that way. Things have evolved as time has passed and so has the mindset of the performers.

These are still the days where  playing a prostitute is a big deal for some. At least they consider it to be! .Whether its Tamil industry or Telugu industry. It seems such a role doesn’t come by very often and it’s ever more challenging for an actress to do it. Well, that’s not the case for Bindu Madhavi. She thinks she can prove her mettle in her debut movie with renowned Gautham Menons next production venture Veppam to be directed by Anjana.For someone who is so fresh to the industry, it must be challenging.

In an exclusive interview to Kollytalk, the girl mentions, “I took Veppam because Anjana’s narration excited me and I was also doing a film produced by Gautham Menon.Veppam is set in a realistic milieu and its tone is raw and earthy, as it is an intense, hard-hitting film about life in the slums in Chennai.”

What is your dream project?

She’s responds quickly, I would love to do action films like Angelina Jolie.

“Wait and watch you never know what action she was referring to here.”

We also got a glimpse of what the role is as we asked Anjana(director), who quips,” Though the character is that of a call girl, there won’t be any intimate scenes or vulgarity,” she assured. Gautham decided to finalize Bindu as he was impressed with her look in Avakai Biryani


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