Billa 2 to wrap up in 90 days

Billa 2
Billa 2

Mr. Vishnuvardhan is all excited to direct Ajith yet again. The famous duo that created Billa this time will prepare for Billa-2. The film will go on floors in April as soon as Ajith is finished with his landmark 50th venture Mankatha.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Vishnuvardhan.

Hi! Sir how have your upcoming projects been shaping up, we last heard that you are doing a Telugu flick and then there is the upcoming Thala starrer.

Well, for the last 18 months, I have the scripts ready all waiting for execution. Soon it looks like I will start both the films. Initially it will be Pawan Kalyan’s The Shadow  scheduled for the first week of March. It is a gangster flick about a protagonist on a journey and his fight within himself as he discovers that you can’t fight your own dynasty.Music is being composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and P S Vinod will  help me with the camera work.

Everyone is excited to know more about Billa 2 could you update our viewers on that front?

The film is expected to start rolling at the end of April. Ajith sir is my all-time favorite star and we had a great time making Billa. This time around Billa 2 is supposed to be  a prequel that will start in a small coastal town in south Tamil Nadu and then we all travel to Goa and from there to some of even more exotic places in the world. The film is about how a guy from a small town in TN goes on to become the most stylish and powerful underworld don.

We hear Ajith is set for a new look in this one is it true?

Well, speaking about him he has to definitely look younger than he was in Billa  . At the moment, he has a resemblance to George Clooney and has a really sexy look with a super salt-and-pepper stubble forthe role doing Venkat Prabhu’s Mankatha.

As in for Billa 2, he will have a makeover for sure.

My team includes designer Anu Vardhan and cinematographer Nirav Shah who are cohesively giving it a good thought at the moment.So I can’t reveal much now.

How has the crew and their support been?

Prabhu sir will definitely be a part of Billa 2. We still want to decided who plays the heroine. It is a scenario similar to a James Bond film, my heroine has to be super sexy.You know, somebody like Nayanthara , those days she had a demure image but post the release of the film and as you know she turned out to be a phenomenon. It is not a problem at all if there is no one in South surely Bollywood will have something to offer.

You seem to be really organized with your profession handling two scripts at the same must have been a daunting task isn’t it?

I had locked my scripts some time back. As I write a script, it has always been a shot-by-shot description that includes details regarding the location and other technical data. So, at the time of the shoot, it becomes easy and cost effective. I’ve always completed my shoots in less than 90 days at any cost .This time time too I expect the same as the movie has to be released in 2011 it self.

Wow, that is great to hear. Good wishes from the Kollytalk team to you, Thala and his crew.



  1. Kalaignar

    Tamilargale Tamilargale!! Neenga ennai kadalil thooki potaalum thirumba vandhu thiraikadhai eludhuven..Kavilndhu vidamaten..billa-2 ku nan dhan thiraikadhai,vasanam eludha pogiren 😎

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