Bhavana:Indian films are hero-oriented


The vivacious performer Bhavana says the year 2010 brought along many memorable moments, with some major hits in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada.

Currently she is in plans to sign up for Doubles, opposite the Mollywood star Mammootty in a Malayalam venture.

We met her for a chat and look what she told us.

You definitely have sometime to spare for us isn’t it Bhavana? We know you love to talk a lot.

“Ah! Yes why not? I’ve always been so, you know as a child I had actively taken part in every possible extra-curricular activity, including dancing. Acting was always a priority. So you know I am used to express myself all the time. Studying was really secondary in my schedule,”

Was it a conscious decision to enter the acting field?

“It was my dream since childhood and I am happy th at it’s coming true. On the other side getting into the industry is not a big task.”

Really, well with such a lovely face and an equally complimenting acting grace it must be easy for you isn’t it.

She burst into a short laughter and continued in her lovely tone.

“It is not as difficult as they think to get a break in the film industry. But, once you get noticed, you have to do a lot more to maintain your profile. You have to get the right roles at the right time which should be matched by right performance. That is more challenging than getting a break,”

Has being the daughter of the renowned cinematographer Bala Sir helped you along?

The beauty clarified, “I never relentlessly approach father to enter the film industry. It all started with a Kamal’s Nammal, opposite newcomers Siddharth and Jishnu. Nammal was a hit with critics and masses alike where I won the prestigious Kerala State Special Jury Award for Best actress in 2002. I was studying in Class XI when the offer came. It came through a family friend. My family, including my mother Pushpalatha and brother Jayadev, were extremely supportive,”

Then there was the Filmfare best actress award in 2006 for Chithiram Pesuthadi, second-best actress award for Daivanamathil and Sathyan Award in 2006 for thebest Tamil actress, speaking about Kollywood.

“Yes definitely,awards are like a bonus. They inspire you to do better that’s how I look at them”

We came to know from a close source that you are a movie freak.

“You won’t believe this. But I see five films a day. Watching films help me perfect my acting skills and reading books helps me identify good scripts”

Wow that’s crazy.A personal question now, what’s happening with your love life have you come across an equally talented match?

“Love is part of life. But right now, I have no time for those things. If there is a personal problem, there will be several people to help. But, when I face a professional problem, there won’t be anyone. So, my priority is to concentrate on movies”

That’s good news for your admirers surely,

Hope so.

Anything else you want to tell your fans before we conclude?

“Indian films are still hero-oriented. It’s a fact we need to accept. Unlike Hollywood where people throng theatres just to see action heroes like Angelina Jolie. We need to evolve a situation where the heroines, too, can call the shots,”

We concluded wishing her luck.

We hope 2011 will bring along a sea of changes in the industry for good, and expect to see a lot from you in the near future.



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