Bharathiraja: cinema and teleserials are an equal medium


Bharathiraja started conquering the hearts and minds of Tamil cinema goers way back almost three decades ago. With times he has crafted his art steadily.

Bommalattam was his last offering with the New Year there a surprise for all. Reportedly he will contribute, for a film namely ‘Appan Aatha’.

We asked him over the phone for a glimpse into the movies theme.

What is the story about sir?

It is the story of an innocent father and mother who hail from a village in Tamil Nadu. Parents always dream a bright career for their children. But what would happen if their wards change path. This is the crux of my film.”

Sir what medium do you prefer to showcase your theme, do you prefer cinemas over tele-serials?

I don’t see any big difference between cinema and TV. Both are mediums and we can reach the people. Currently I am also directing Therkkathi Ponnu, a television serial.

Well this director definitely sees no boundaries; all he really cares is contributing to cinema in the best possible way. That’s how it should be isn’t it?


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