Muppozhudhum un karpanaigal

Atharva speaks on his Muppozhudhum un karpanaigal experience – Interview

Muppozhudhum un karpanaigal

Atharva, the son of late actor Murali, is anxiously waiting for the release of Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal. The promising young lad is paired opposite gorgeous girl Amala Paul in MUK. Coming your way this February 17th, the movie will be a youthful romantic offering. We got up close with the actor to know more about his experience, here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Atharva you look dashing.

Thank you.

So tell us a bit about the upcoming movie?

Well MUK is quite an unusual script; it is an entertainer and has elements of humour, action and some thrilling moments. The climax is really a surprise. MUK is an extremely positive movie. It’s something new.

Sounds good, and about your character in MUK?

I am Ram, he is an IT guy and has extreme emotions.

Extremely emotional! So, it will definitely be a movie to watch out for. If the industry insiders are correct we are hearing praises about your neatly executed stunts; it was surely risky isn’t it? Please tell us about your journey till now?

Fitting the role of a twenty two year old is what I was required to do. I know it is risky but after all it is what I want to do and stunts are a part of my profession as I see it. I really had some amazing moments thanks to the shoots at the Grand Canyon. We also had scenes at Las Vegas at the Worlds biggest gift shop. We shot in Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala and Tanjore too. I also had a chance to travel to the US and have special training where I learnt hand stands, head stands and acrobatics for the action sequences. I really worked hard and went through training for a period of about five months.

Wow, amazing we are sure your dedication will create a huge impact in delivering a memorable performance.

Certainly I have my fingers crossed as of now. I certainly have done my part regarding the script to my best. Let us wait and watch.

So, what do you have to say about your co stars?

As you know Amala is playing the female lead, she is very professional and really nice to get along. Santhanam and his infectious jokes were a treat, and I have a really good friend now. It was a great experience to have been working alongside some great names in Kollywood.

Before leaving we would like you to sing your favorite pick from the movie?
Alright, how about Oru Murai ?

Yes, please.

We wish you the very best for your upcoming release. It was great sharing your experience.


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