Asin wants to act with Rajinikanth interview

Asin wants to act with Rajinikanth interview

Asin wants to act with Rajinikanth interview

Hot-face Asin Thottumkal recently celebrated her birthday this Diwali. While she has been busy with her B-town projects of late, the Kaavalan actress happily agreed for a brief chit chat just for all you fans. We caught up with the bubalacious girl to know more on her recent projects and here is what she told us.

Asin, thanks a lot for joining us at our portal, your presence is charming as ever.

Oh thank you, my pleasure being here with you.

We heard you are currently shooting for Housefull 2?


You know the movie has been common talk lately amongst industry insiders thanks to the star cast. Would you love to share a bit more on the same, you know tell us about who won the catfight yesterday?

Haha, my god, who told you about any catfights happening. You know I get along with my co- stars really well. We spend a lot of time together, it is so much fun. Let me state it again in simple language no question of catfights on or off the sets.

Sounds good. Your fans are curious to know about a purchase that is rumored to be on your account, true?

Well very true! a six-bedroom apartment in Kochi at Marine Drive overlooking the rainbow bridge.

Mama Mia! That seals the deal. You still love Kochi don’t yea ?

Haha, thanks. I am glad that I managed to have a new home in Kochi. This is my second one. I am looking forward to spending time with my folks as soon as I get time off the shoots.

Wow, lucky you! Moving on to your professional collaborations Asin , we have always wondered why you welcome Hindi cinema with open arms is it because of them being loaded with multi starrers?

Well to be frank until now I have never been offered a multi-starrer. Moreover such movies rarely happen in Kollywood. The superstars here rarely agree to work with each other.Apparently, in Bollywood, things are different and multi-starrers are the norm.  Similar is the case of heroines.

Oh, ok! so just one last question for you before we wrap up. Do you plan to work with ‘the Hero of Kollywood’ namma Rajinikanth ?

Who won’t love to play a role alongside the legend. I regret not having played a role with Rajini Sir although we have met at several film functions. Nothing practical has worked out yet. I hope to get a film with him someday soon.

We are sure you will get a movie with Thalaivar soon . Thank you for your time Asin have a great time. Best wishes for your shoots.



  1. kh

    podi sanniyan. you left tamil movies to romance with the khans and now y do u want to act with superstar? ohh so you can get popular again. i don’t think so you stuck up cow. stay in bollywood till you quit acting

  2. David billa

    Asin it is A SIN if thalaivar acts with poyi un mama salman kuda maaja panu.podi posakatavale.

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