Asin to setup school for the Orphans


Not many know of Asin’s parallel interests than movies, one of them being a school setup for the orphaned and underprivileged which provide quality education to 100 students and more.



On a personal level she has never really boasted of her good doings to gather false attention as many of her contemporaries, as a matter of fact we only came to know about the school when she had invited some of her close stars to the school recently one amongst them is known to us.


Our close source to the actress tells us that from whatever she earns; she tries to keep 10-20 per cent of it for the children and their health care. We also hear that Asin planned to setup this school after she was really delighted on her initiative last year when on being funded a child turned out to really do well in his studies and she in return gifted him with education till college.

Although we could speak to the actress directly about this as she is in Bangkok shooting for Salman Khan’s Ready, however, her father, Joseph Thottumkal was quite within reach, and replied to our queries .For some reason he too seemed a bit reluctant to reveal any details, he tell us,


Hi uncle so how long has this school been running? We definitely would like to do our bit and spread the word around.

“I don’t know how far Asin would like to disclose about this school .Well, she wants to help the needy children stand up on their feet and earn their living. That is all I could say for the moment. Let her return she will definitely love t talk to then.”

Thank you uncle we will get back to you soon.

Now, that’s Asin for you a beauty with a big heart isn’t she?



  1. kani

    good if this is true…… have a check on the ppl who exploit the oppurtunity provided ….. becoz there r lot of ppl ready to give their hard earned money…but very few ppl out there who really give their time ….. 

  2. Vasin

    Oru nallathu pannitu aayiram vaati aayiram peruku atha sonna kooda athla oru thappum illa. Asin ithellam ean pannarathu fame’kaga irntha kooda but we should applaude her.

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