Asin : Akshay Kumar a joy to work with – Interview


Kaavalan lady Asin Thottumkal has started her next Bollywood flick with Akshay Kumar titled Khiladi 786. Up North, her good run continues with Bol Bachchan. Here she speaks on her Onam holidays and about her new project. Read on.

So first things first. Tell us about your Onam celebrations.

This time I had friends and relatives come over here in Mumbai. It was great to catch up with many of them after a long while. In our family we make it a point to meet at least once a year during Onam holidays. I did enjoy the festive mood.


Wow, nice to hear that you have a big family bonding. It’s a rare sight these times, with more nuclear families. Anyways how have things been on the professional side?

Well right now my Bollywood movie is scheduled for shoots that will continue. For the n.ext three days I will be in Europe, it is something I am looking forward to.

You know Asin for a while you have not been in Kollywood. And your last movie in Bollywood has fetched more than 100 crores once again!

It is simple. All I want is to get my fans know more about me and for that reason I think my choice of movies have been instrumental. I consider myself lucky to be working with the A list actors in Bollywood right from my debut here. Gradually I would move towards more performance oriented roles.


So you think now it is the time to stay in Bollywood and explore more versatile roles?

See things happen for a reason, I never was in so much demand in Kollywood back then but now here I am having a great time, the facts have something interesting to say about my last four movies but that is not what I am after. A movie is more than just me. Bollywood works in a very different way; I am glad to have found my space here.


So who would you say is your best co-star?

Well don’t misinterpret me for my choice, Akshay has been a really an absolute joy to work with. We are the best buddies on and off sets but when it comes to acting he is a thorough professional.


Are you discussing any movies in Kollywood at the moment ?

My fans here know me already very well which was not the case in Bollywood or for that matter any other industry. I am ready to do experimental roles here in South but have not received any such offers till date. I am trying to steer in a different direction than my past I hope my fans will stay with me as they have always.


So anything you would like to tell them before you leave for the Euro trip?

I just think about some lines my father would always tell me when he is near. Never let success go to your head, nor failure to your heart.


Thank you Asin, for that wonderful thought. We wish you keep your dream run going on for many more movies to come. Hopefully sooner or later you will come back to Kollywood, because we sure are waiting for you.



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