Arya confirms Urumi


Arya has been busy shooting for his current projects, well, he seemed in trouble for a moment as after his slow growth of hair coupled along with his parallel project Urumi that have have forced Linguswamy to shift dates further.

While it was reported in some other unreliable sources on the internet that Arya is not doing Santosh Sivan’s period drama Urumi, we there is more to it .Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Well Arya everyone wants to know this, are you a part of Santosh Sir’s Urumi?

Yes, I’m a part of Urumi and am working on it. I have started shooting for this international project from today. You know I always wanted to do a film with Santosh Sivan it is so obvious that I wanted this after all it is a film with such a spectrum of performers?

How did you come to know about the porject?

It was director Vishnu Vardhan, he is an associate to Santosh Sivan,he has been a great friend of mine for a while.

Working with Santosh Sir must be a great experience, and now that you have completed your dates for Avan Ivan what has been on your mind lately? You must be looking forward to more?

Definitely, given a chance to do a movie with him will surely bring along international exposure as he will be showcasing his films at major international film fests.We broke the auspicious ash gourd on the last day of the shoot for Bala sir’s film in Theni as soon as we packed up. There after I have been traveling 12 hours by road and air to reach the location for Urumi in Udupi.

I have a whole week with Santosh Sir and you bet he is keeping me busy every second being such a fast worker and has a task of at least four scenes a day!

Moving on to February 10, I will dub for Avan Ivan post that maybe I will take a good break. There has been so much up my sleeve.The shoots have been on a roll for more than 6 months.

So isn’t it time for a holiday?

Hopefully, I’m planning the same to an exotic place, as soon as I get some free time.

So what about Vettai then?

Oh yes! How can I forget that I will start shooting for Lingusamy Sir’s Vettai from March 2 onwards hopefully. The holiday will be a short one. Thanks.

Arya you surely deserve a holiday, that is a jam packed schedule for the coming days. Good luck for Vettai ad Urumi.


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