Anuya on her lip lock scene


Sundar C is all set with Nagaram Marupakkam for November 19.

The film is supposed to be a family entertainer. Sundar C and Anuya who are sharing screen, reportedly also shared some intimate moments.

Our reporters have some details from Anuya.  A small exerpt.

Tell us about your role in Nagaram.
I play a small town girl called Bharathi. It is very different from the characters I played in my earlier two films. The film is very gripping and is about how circumstances change people’s lives.

If the rumors are to be believed, is there a lip lock scene with Sundar C.?

Well it was required for the script and the intensity of the moment. It’s well shot and is a kiss of faith between the characters. It was not a raunchy scene meant to titillate in any way.I thought it was needed for that moment.

Did you expect to do such a role?

Well Sundar is very passionate about films and that is evident from the fact that he is producing, directing and acting in the film. He puts his mind and soul into a movie and its inspiring working with somebody like that.

That was a diplomatic answer, anway Prior to this you had done a bedroom shot too. So do you see yourself playing glamorous roles in future?

Well the scene you mention was bold but aesthetically shot and again crucial for the film when the cop has her reasons for doing what she does. It was needed to highlight the impact of the killing. I am open to doing glamour as long it’s portrayed beautifully without it being cheap or vulgar. It has to fit in with my sensibilities. If I have objections as to why something is there I wont do it.

Are you choosy about your roles?

Yes,I am not on a signing spree. I want to do performance based roles. I won’t repeat the same kind of stuff each time just because it worked for me in one movie. I don’t want to be slotted and I am prepared to wait till I get the right roles.

There is so much competition these days amongst newcomers; do you have any advice for them in the face of competition?

You are right. There are newcomers coming in at amazing speed. But I believe that every star has to carve his own niche and I want to make mine. That’s the only way to survive in the face of the competition.

Nagaram revolves around Chennai city and a middle class boy whose life changes due to the circumstances he’s surrounded by. Vadivelu, has an important role to play in this flick too with a get-up that is completely different.Produced by Khushboo for Avni Cine Max Pvt LtdNagaram would be Anuya Bhagawat’s third stint in Tamil. Thaman is composing music for the film.

“Although Anuya is happy wit her ‘kiss of faith’ we think the movie is meant to be a mature family entertainer looking at the moral standards the movie brings along.”



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