Andrea says no comments on Selvaraghavans marriage


If she is not onscreen she is surely busy recording for a song behind the scenes.

Well, that is the talent bag aka Andrea for you who over the years has made a name for herself amidst Kollywood fans.Clad in a white shirt and complimenting black jeans, we started our talk; she was busy to catch her next flight. Well we were stumped to know that she loves studies even more than her work. Here is an excerpt from our chat with the beauty.

Hey! Andrea you really look great in that outfit, why don’t you give your fans a secret tip, they will love it.

I do not think about how I look 24×7. I have always felt that girls who grow up thinking only about their looks end up being stupid trying to look like someone who they think they can be, it is not worth the time.

Some girls are surely obsessed with their looks, we agree. So what’s keeping you busy these days is it a movie or a song you are working at?

You know I am not always busy in work. As an actor and a singer, I’m waiting most of the time at the airport, for my shot but that’s life you know.
Haha, you know your fans tell us they could not trace you on the social networking sites.

Actually, I’m really bad at using computers let alone the Internet. The maximum I commit to do is check my mail. My friends ask me to network with fans a bit more. Maybe I should do it.

Oh! Yes, definitely it’s always great to stay in touch with your fans. Next flick is opposite Dhanush for Erandaam Ulagam, could you tell us a little bit about it?

You know it is too early to talk about it.

The grapevine is abuzz that she is going through a tough time after director Selvaraghavan, whom she was reportedly seeing, opened up on his marriage plans with his assistant Gitanjali Raman.

Can you share your views about Selva’s marriage decision?

No Comments.  Well!!!  I am off to catch my flight.

We surely don’t want you to miss your flight.It was great talking to you, have a great time. Carry on.



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