Ananya says no to glamour


Subramaniyam Shiva’s forthcoming film Seedan will see Ananya returning post the success of ‘Nadodigal’. She saw the first copy of the film with Shiva, his friends and the producers. She was so overwhelmed when she saw herself onscreen that she sought Shiva’s blessings by touching his feet.

Here is an excerpt from the interview we had with her.

Hey Ananya how cool was your experience on the sets, you had a lot of fun?

You bet I always used to have fun. I never stood at one place. Shiva too had a bit of fun and would occasionally call out to me through his mike.Once he shouted Ananya,you had your coffee? Stop playing and get into the skin of the character right now! I always used to joke that Shiva was born with a mike on sets.

Haha! He wasn’t strict at all it seems?

He was strict in his own way but he had his anger in control all throughout. He would never give a take ok until he was thoroughly satisfied with it. It has definitely helped me to perfect my skills. He was a great teacher.

So you touched Shiva’s feet in return for his critical point of view seems like you are really thankful about the outcome?

I really was touched by the whole movie after I saw it.The only thing that came to my mind was to thank Shiva for creating a place for me in such a movie. I really don’t know if I will get more roles like this in the future as of now, it is a real powerful character.

So any more projects in the near future? You have been a little away from movies for a while after Nadodigal.

It is not about staying away from movies for a while it is by choice that I have stayed way since there have not been impressive scripts up till now, I got a dozen of Tamil offers, apparently I have done 13 Malayalam films.

So are you acting in Seedan alongside Dhanush since it is a remake of Navya Nair’s movie which is also a Malyalam flick?

I am acting in Seedan because of the grasping storyline.

Your fans want to know if they could see you in glamorous roles anytime soon.

Don’t hope so, because I won’t do glamorous roles even for a huge sum. As always I would prefer quality over quantity.

Thank You

We look forward to Seedan in hope for some quality acting Ananya.



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