An interview with Kamal Hassan still a Romeo at 56

Kamal still feels confident on playing a Romeo at 56
Kamal still feels confident on playing a Romeo at 56

Entertainment is his forte and he holds no prejudices for his viewers whether it be north or south, rather he is delighted to watch his characters swell with emotion with each exceptional performance and clap along his loyal fans without being biased.

In an interview with none other than Kamal Hassan, the star speaks about his venture into other languages, latest developments, daughter Shruti and an interesting fact about his live in partner Gauthami.

You are among the very few successful actors who have ventured outside Tamil cinema , How has your ride been till now ?

I have had a 50 year old career free of any kind of discrimination whatsoever.

Do you feel there should be a gap between the south and north film industries?

Entertainment industry is one, and also, India‘s strength lies in its unity in diversity,fortunately for me, audiences all over welcomed me with open arms. So, I had no difficulty in moving around .Initially, Gauthami mistook me to be a Telugu-speaking actor and for quite some time, refusing to believe otherwise says the actor as he strongly put disregarding any divisions being made .

Hasn’t cinema as an art form been most abused in a constant war of art being commercialized?

To an extent, yes. But there are some filmmakers who are trying to raise the bar.Even Bharatanatyam was monotonous before Padma Subramaniam redefined it. For that matter, every cultural and public utility tool has been abused. So, innovation in every field is more of a necessity than choice,

What do you think about the fancy pay packets of stars?

Remunerations works more on the demand and supply module and customers need to pay more to enjoy a luxury product

How does it feel to be play the Romeo being 50 plus?

Well, I am still capable of love and also, it’s not a post-college romance — it is rather mature and sensible, And even in Manmadhan Ambu i play a romantic her,

he is the real romeo who celebrated just his 56th birthday a week back.

Knowing the Mahatma Gandhi admirer he is we asked him, would Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi could go down as the best film made on the leader?

It definitely showcased one dimension of his personality,what about my film Hey Ram and Shyam Benegal’s film that tried to explore his other shades? However, even a staunch anti-Gandhian will find it very difficult to list out ‘bad things’ about the historical hero.

Did you always want daughter Shruti to be an actress and follow your footsteps?

Not at all. Initially, she showed interest in music, but she is now trying her hand at acting. I feel that every individual learns and faces life in his/her own way and so do they evolve with time.I was also a reluctant actor since, I always dreamt of working behind the camera, but I’ve spent 50 years in front of it. No wonder multi talented daughter of a multi talented father.



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