An interview with A R Rahman on 127 Hours

A.R. Rahman recent project 127 HOURS
A.R. Rahman's recent project 127 HOURS

An interview with A R Rahman ,who is currently involved in a  project with acclaimed Hollywood director Danny Boyle for their latest venture 127 Hours.The pair had earlier teamed up for the movie Slumdog Millionaire for which Rahman swapped up 2 oscars.

Rahman with his 2 Oscars
Rahman with his 2 Oscars

127 hours narrates the story of an American mountaineer Aron Ralston who struggles to survive when his arm is caught under a boulder deep in Utah canyon and how he faces life in this time of adversity .

Rahman on his Oscars and current development with Danny Boyle.

Since winning the Oscar, do you have a lot of people in Hollywood clamoring to work with you?

Not as much, but the thing is I don’t want to be in a studio situation where you’re forced to think.

How do you go about putting together a score and tracks for a guy stuck under a boulder?

Since I worked with Danny Boyle before on Slumdog Millionaire, we have great success and everything. So, when I first got the script and the screenplay of Simon (Beaufoy) and I was reading it, even before the shoot, some kind of sounds came into my mind and I put some stuff [down] and sent it to Danny when he was cutting the movie.”

About the score

It’s not a big, epic Hollywood score but really personal and intimate, and we thought guitar would be the perfect instrument for him because he’s young and he has an undying spirit and all that stuff and we went on that feeling totally.

127 hour poster
127 hour poster

Do you hear music constantly in your head?

Yes and no. Sometimes I intentionally cut it off. I just want to be in silence, especially when I’m traveling. I watch movies without sound.

What was the degree of difficulty for this particular movie? Was it something that flowed right out of you when you saw what was going on or what did you have to do?

I had an initial 3 days before coming for this trip. I went to London to do the stuff. I was like “What am I going to do? What’s going to happen?

A tip for all those youngsters dreaming big

Once you start working, you forget all that and you start enjoying what you’re doing. Once you enjoy the process, you know that people are going to do the same thing. If you don’t enjoy it and just do it like a job, then it’s going to feel that way. That’s my theory of doing a movie.

On being asked if he wants to shift his base.

Are you going to come to L.A. and be based here now?
I’m already based half, My studio is getting completed here in Hollywood.

What keeps you  busy during the free time.

love to spend free time with  family

Rahman in a cheerful mood
Rahman in a cheerful mood

Rahman definitely seemed in a cheerful mood.

You won two Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire, one for score and one for best song, where do you keep your Oscars?

I don’t know. I don’t even know where mine is. My mother has hidden it because everybody who comes in wants to take a photograph of it. So what she’s done is she put it inside a suitcase somewhere.

You don’t want to look at it?

“No, maybe I’ll look at it later.”

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now with your music?

Ten years from now? I don’t know. Because a mind is like a monkey, isn’t it?(Yes a monkey indeed,totally agreed) Suddenly it says “Work hard” and suddenly it says “Quit.” And for me, the second one is the one that keeps sounding off,That’s enough. Let’s go. He is too happy to go with the flow and that seems to his secret mantra “If something comes a long that’s exciting, it motivates me to work harder. But I guess that’s a burden to have. Ten years of good music. I want to feel light inside.”

127 Days opens in theaters on November 5th.

We at Kollytalk wish you all the best Rahman for this one.



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