Amala Paul on Vikram and Vettai

Amala PaulAmala Paul is surely a familiar face  in K town now thanks to the movies Mynaa and of course the recent hit Deiva Thirumagal alongside Vikram, where she plays a mature school teacher.We spoke to the gorgeous here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Amala you look fabulous.

 Thank you for the compliment.


First of all congratulations for your recent hit Deiva Thirumagal, we enjoyed every bit of our time in the theatre.

 Wow, I am glad to hear that.

So, tell us how has the journey been?

 It has been a journey of many achievements. From Mynaa to a movie with Vikram it surely has been a wonderful time. of my career. Working with Mr.Vijay (director) was a gift in itself  it took me a while to believe that he called me and told me that I could do justice to the role for sure.

We are sure it has been a joyful ride for you nevertheless; we all know you relish Kerala’s non-vegetarian cuisine. Give us a little insight into your food fiesta last week in Malaysia with your good friend  Vikram, during the promotion of Deivathirumagal.

Haha, oh so you know about it too. Well Vikram Sir adores exotic food. You bet he was on eating spree all throughout the promotion of the tour.

But we can forgive Vikram for his extravagant indulgence as he had to put on weight for Rajapattai, his new Suseenthiran film, where he plays a gym boy. Is it true that two days later, back home in Kochi you pleaded mom to make your favorite vegetarian dishes. Was that a confession in some way?

Yes for the next few weeks, I voluntarily decided to turn vegetarian. Well to tell you the truth Vikram sir asked me to try out Octopus meat, Calmari (a kind of squid) and jumbo lobsters and what not. I really wanted a bite of Kerala’s vegetarian food ala brown rice, avial, thoran, pulisseri and chammanthi.

Yummy! we want it  too.

Haha, I will surely invite you sometime soon.

So sweet of you, so how was it working alongside Chiyaan ?

 He always wore those red sleeveless sweaters throughout the day .It was really hot and sunny but that didn’t matter to him at all. He would sometimes scold me and explain how we could do a scene in a different way and  I learned a lot from him.


We also hear that Sindhu Samaveli will be re-released in a few theatres?

Thank you for that I really didn’t know about it until now. Although, I don’t mind if there is a re-release. I can’t comment on it now.


How have the shoots for Vettai progressed so far?

Vettai was really fun thanks to Sameera, Madhavan and Arya. Sameera and Arya are fitness freaks.


We see. So, before we conclude your fans would love to be updated about your upcoming movies?

Well, Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal and Vettai are in line. I have a thing for small and meaty roles as opposite to a song sequence sp watch out there are surprises.

Amala thanks for a wonderful time with.We surely look forward to your upcoming movies.Have a great day.



  1. Smile

    Yedhu,Octupus meat-a??Edhaiyellama sapiduvanga??Enakku kekkumbodhu vandhi varudhu edha Amala paul and Vikram eppadi vai kulla potanga??

    Anyways…She is pretty and has talent.Way to go!!!
    She looks good in the still above but could have removed the bindi.Doesn’t go well with her evening gown.

  2. Vasin

    Smile neenga enna kolanthaya? Food ke vaanthi varuthuna how would you withstand the intense smell of your boy? June, sushi ku meat avasiyam nu illa. vegetable sushi undu. Japanese skillful a say cucumber piece a suthi rice ala wrap panniduvaanga. Romba naagareegamana food; cake maathri.

  3. Smile

    @Vasin…I am a pure veg.And also,i know what’s a Sushi.It’s also eaten with wasabi sauce.Bec i am traditional does not mean i am a dumbo.

  4. Vasin

    I explained sushi to June. What is your problem? I never implied you are ordinary. I follow your comments with interest. Today you are in a bad mood.

  5. m

    indha malayaleenga dhaan director,producers,heroes kooda adjust panni povaanga. Adhaan ivalungala kooptu chance kudukaraanga.

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