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Amala Paul : On a new script – Interview

 amala paul

Amala Paul is completing a full circle now. After having started her journey in Mollywood with Neelathamara she went all Kollywood.Mynaa and Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi being the big hits. We caught up for an interview with the beautiful lady and here is an excerpt from the same.


Amala as you know, we are here, following the news that you are shifting base to Mollywood?

These rumors are baseless, it is true that I will be doing a movie here, but I am only here as part of my profession.


Now that you have a lot of Directors waiting for you, what made you choose a Malayalam movie and take a break from Kollywood?

When I first heard the script I was sure that I really wanted to do this, you know it has been a while that directors have been calling me to do a role so similar to Mynaa. I really didn’t want to repeat that again. Moreover it’s been a while that I have been on the lookout for a role of a journalist, the big surprise was the fact that Mohan Lal sir was also part of the movie, which I only came to know later.


So Mynaa oh! sorry Amala…

Never mind that name has stuck with me as my lucky charm, wherever I go people would scream out to me – Mynaa. It is so satisfying that the character I played has created such an impact and left a good memory in the viewer’s mind. At the end that is what you really want as a performer, I am glad I was successful.


Haha, you are so sweet, thank you! Amala do you think after this movie you will go back to Kollywood again?

Kollywood is home to me and Mynaa as we all know baptized me as an actress. Although I will never forget that it is a Malayalam movie that made the transition easy for me. My fans keep sending me mails and tell me that I should stay in Kollywood.First of all, my hugs to them for their love. I just want all of you to keep supporting me, very recently I met a director and am planning another movie in Kollywood soon, so please don’t worry. I will be back.


Now that is Amala’s special surprise for all you fans out there, would you mind telling us the name of the movie?

I just met the director one week before, we are finalizing the dates as of now it is untitled hopefully when we meet next, I would give you more details.


Let’s hope for a super movie again, our best wishes for you, thank you for your time Amala we are waiting for you back here in namma Chennai.


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