All actresses are not like Ranjitha:Tamannaah

All actress are not bad just because  one actress Ranjitha did something wrong was the recent reply from the Star’s heroine Tamannaah

Karthi-Tamannaah starring ‘Paiyaa’ directed by Lingsusamy is expected to be released in April. And the movie’s introductory promotion function kick started at a star hotel in Vadapalani, Chennai.Karthi,Tamannaah, Director Linguswamy, Poet N.Muthukumar, Cameraman Madhi, Script Writer Brindha Sarathy and Editor participated in the meeting and gave a short interview to the media.

During the Interactive session, Actress Tamannah was mainly asked questions about Ranjitha’ sexual allegations besides other questions. Tamannaah refused to comment on Ranjitha’s issue much. The interview at a glance

Q: You had paired up with  Surya earlier in Ayan, and now you are pairing with Suryah’s brother Karthi. With whom did you feel comfortable on sets in romantic scenes?

Ayan was my first movie with Surya. Before acting in Ayan itself I was a fan of Surya.Initially I was little nervous on sets with Surya. But Karthi is not like that, he is free and easy to mix up and it was always a kind of comfort feel with Karthi. So on romantic scenes Karthi is better for me. Though both Surya and karthi and equally nice persons.

Q: Do you believe and worship God?

I go to temple and pray God that’s it, not more than that.

Paiyaa teamQ: What is your opinion about Ranjitha’s recent sex scandal issue?

It is Ranjitha’s personal issue. I would not be able to comment upon that

Q: Do you think Ranjitha’s sex scandal will create bad image for all the other cine actress too among the public?

All humans are not alike. Similary all actresses should not be judged based on what Ranjitha has done.

Q:What is your opinion on actresses who feel proud of acting in Hindi movies?

I do not think so. I have handful of Tamil and Telugu movies , My job is very much satisfactory to me .


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  1. chandra

    untill caught everybody is good, may be its a matter of time untill tamannah is caught for such sleazy act, just imagine, why would any producer pay tamannah a crore rupees just for her acting skills ? people are not fools . all actresses are sluts, this is an open secret

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