AL Vijay says Vikram is the USP

AL VijayAfter two remakes Kireedam and Poi Solla Porom and one period film Madrasapattinam, director AL Vijay’s next, Deiva Thirumagal is ready to hit the screens on July 15 after being given a ‘U’ by the Censor Board. It is the first time that AL Vijay and Vikram collaborate. Here is a excerpt from the interview.

It looks like everyone wants to tag the movie as an art film, Vikram earlier denied about the same, would you like to say something about it Sir?

I second Vikram on that Deiva Thirumagal is not an art film. It’s a commercial family entertainer that revolves around Vikram’s character, Krishna, who is in his thirties, but has the mental growth of a five-year-old.


The name of the film ran into a lot of controversies.

Yes but finally ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ is the confirmed title, but initially I wanted it to be ‘Deiva Maghan’ or ‘Deiva Thirumaghan’.


What do you have to say about the rest of the cast?
The movie has Anushka and Amala Paul, and Santhanam. GV Prakash Kumar’s background score is a character in itself. More than composing, I don’t want to exaggerate but I have observed the maturity of Ilayaraja’s music in the lad’s work. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is also a treat.

That sounds amazing. What do you think about Anushka’s role in the movie?

She rules as usual. After seeing her in it, I feel that after many years, the industry has finally got an actress that can act like the yesteryear legend Savitri.


Wow, and what about chinna Sara, she is just 5 year’s old. The father-daughter bond in the movie sounds promising; Vikram event went on to say she is his real pair in the movie.

Haha, yes she is. Well, finding Sara was like finding Amy Jackson for ‘Madrasapattinam’. When she was barely two, I had cast Amy in an ad. Today, she is a top model in Bollywood. Sara would learn everything by heart. There is a question in the film – ‘Kakka Yaen Karuppa Irukku?’ which she poses to Vikram, to which he would reply, ‘Yaena Adhu Veyyil la Suthardhunaale’ but during the takes she would end up saying his line as well, thinking that he has forgotten his lines. She is a sweet little girl.


She is so cute. So, what do you have to say about Chiyaan?

The film is inspired from real life. I’ve seen what my cousin has gone through. While doing ‘Poi Solla Porom’, I expressed my desire to work with Vikram. At that time, I had a rough script of this film, which I narrated to him in two lines. It led to a full fledged script which later materialized and was narrated to him for two hours, while on a trip to the US. Vikram’s performance is the certainly USP of this film.


So, sir what will be your next venture?

I want to work on a different genre in every film of mine. Next I want to do an action-thriller, with Vikram of course!


Thanks you sir for a great time, we are sure you will have some amazing collaboration with Chiyaan in the future. Our best wishes for you future projects.


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