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AL Vijay on Daniel Kish being the real inspiration – Thaandavam Interview

AL Vijay

AL Vijay best known for his association with Chiyaan Vikram and Anushka Shetty in Deiva Thirumagal, is a happy man post the release of Thaandavam. We had a chat with him in person. He speaks about Daniel Kish the real inspiration behind Thaandavam and a lot more. Following is an excerpt from the same.

Vijay Sir we know there was a lot of effort that went into making this movie, was it tough shooting at London, let us start off with you telling us a bit about that chapter?

It was not a huge problem, in my viewpoint it was a learning experience. Although the weather in London did make it tough for my technicians we all knew we would stick together come what may. It is that spirit which has helped us all along. Congrats to my crew on the successful completion of the movie without them it won’t be possible.


What more do they need ? It must be a pleasure for you to work with such a talented group. Their efforts did pay off well. Thaandavam was also given a ‘U’ certificate. Were you really looking for it on the onset of your shoot.

In a way yes, I don’t prefer a lot of adult content in my movies, I think it is important to entertain as many people as I can.

In Thandavam you have worked again with Vikram, you know people say you are a hit pair?

Yes that is the very reason I chose him back to back. He is an amazing performer and a director’s dream. It is not easy to put in words what I feel about his dedication. You have to watch the film to feel it. Everyone has done a fabulous job, I am glad how this movie has shaped up.

Since you have mentioned what do you have to say about Anushka and Amy?

Again Anushka is a great team player and a performer. With this movie I hope she has a different experience. Amy has done a promising role. She is here to stay for a longtime and I am impressed with her efforts.

Sounds good, is there anything you want to say to the fans before we wrap up this interview?

After watching Thaandavam, I’m sure people will come to know about human echolocation and all credit goes to Daniel Kish. His praiseworthy effort to help the visually-challenged is a gift from god. I hope the movie connects with all of you. Do keep up the support.

Thank you Sir for your time, we hope Thaandavam creates ripples at the box office and that the golden trio collaborates for many more projects. Our best wishes to you, Vikram and rest of the team.





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