Ajith Latest Photo 2012

Ajith says Rajini is the only Superstar – Interview

Ajith Latest Photo 2012

Post his successful wrap up from the sets of upcoming action thriller Billa-2, Thala Ajith is on a high these days. We are glad to bring you an excerpt from the interview with the man himself. Read on to know more about his views on matters close to his heart.  Here is Thala for you.


Hi Ajith, we must say you look younger with every successive interview.


Haha, thanks for the compliment.


We had an email from your fans and he had this question for you, MGR, Sivaji, Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Ajith. In same email your fan mentioned his best bet, but whom would you say is on top of that list?

Well, every one of them is a legend in their own right. Personally speaking Rajnikanth sir is the only superstar for me. Besides who am I to decide? The people are solely responsible for the decisions. As actors we only strive to do our best and stick to the path we have chosen.



Ajith Kumar or fondly referred to as Thala by his close friends and fans has a quite unique relationship with them. Would you like to share with the viewers the reason behind your decision to disband your fan club?

I know it came as a surprise to many. Well, my fans know me better and we have a great understanding amongst us. Those who stand by me still know I have a special place for them in my heart. The rest is just artificial.


We agree totally, Sir we observed that unlike some of the stars in the industry currently you prefer to perform on an average one role per movie is it a conscious decision?

I am really satisfied giving one performance a year; all I think about is giving a quality performance. Mankatha was a hit but that doesn’t make me eligible to take any movie that comes my way, I have to know about my character really well. Don’t you think once a year is a small time?


All we can say is your dedication is amazing, you know, industry gossip mongers say that you will soon be part of a political party. Is it true?

Well, they can have their say, but the decision will always be mine.

So does that mean you have not decided on the matter yet?

I joined movies because there is money I always wanted to lead a luxurious life and spend lavishly. There are innumerable political parties, if I launch one myself I will only confuse myself with reality, I don’t want to do jump into something that I don’t know. I am not worthy of becoming a politician, they are supposed to serve the society; I am here to entertain them. Thank you.

Thank you for a great time Sir.


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