Billa 2 Ajith

Ajith says, Live for the moment – Interview

Billa 2 Ajith

Ajith Kumar is not worried about promotions and the usual glamour parade that follows it. We had a chat with the handsome looking Thala before he moved on for Vishnuvardan’s yet-to-be titled featuring Ajith, Arya, Nayanthara and Tapsee.  Ajith gives you a pulse of things to come, in this exclusive interview.

Thala a very good morning to you. We are here to take back with us some magical moments.


Good morning, thank you.


By the year 2000, many newborns were named Ajith, with so much adoration flooding your way how did you react to all that love?


Haha, thank you.

Ajith Sir being the first to enter movies there must have been experiences that were totally unheard of before and hard times too. Could you share with us how you overcame them?


Yes. See I was really new to film world and everything that came along, although it took me a while to understand how the industry doesn’t work at times. I would say I am fortunate that I have been through experiences that no one in my family has been before. It took me time to come to terms with what was happening around me.

So between the shoots has aero-modeling and photography taken a backseat?

Well, I always have the time in the world for photography and other passions. I read the entire manual before touching the product. I take out time for it they are great stress busters.


Have you kept track of your fan following, how does it feel to see the exploding count rising every second?

Describing such feeling through words alone is not justice. Well, to be frank I always focused on my work and the responsibilities that came along. Over the years through my experiences and learning from others I have tried to be responsible regarding the misuse of adulation. I don’t expect anything else from my fans, nothing more than love.

It seems like you don’t like analyzing?

See it does not concern me so much. Since I have never thought figures can represent the love from my people. I have kept some rules always and one of them is to never be scared of failure. Think of it for a moment doesn’t failure teach us more about life than success. It is all about how much you learn than achieving monetary success or anything that compliments it.

Yes a very nice thought indeed, but do you think your fans blindly follow film stars and get carried away at times?

My fans as far as I know are far more sensible, of course there are rare cases that have scared me too.

There is one thing that has bothered your relations with your fans and that is the marketing of your movies. Many of them seem to be worried that you don’t employ enough to market your movie?

I don’t like comparisons, after all a good film is a promotion by itself. I convey to my producers my concepts and leave the rest to them. My main concern is the comfort level I will share with the crew in the coming days. Only after that would I sign a film.

So before you go would you like to say something to your fans?

There has to be a relation between ambition and your abilities. For all those who wish to enter this industry, I would just say that I learnt about my shortcomings and in the process I became aware of my abilities. I feel life is about experiences than having a million ambitions .If I were told tomorrow that my time is up I wouldn’t complain, I would quietly go. Look after your parents, God will look after you. I live for the moment because we are not going to last forever. Be content in what you do and do it to the best.

Thank you Thala for such inspiring words, I am sure it is a moral injection to many sleeping souls who have lived in ignorance and pride of their strength. We appreciate your time with us and wish that you entertain us the way you have for many more years to come.


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