Ajith on Mankatha and Billa2

AjithAjith Kumar is thrilled about Mankatha. We thought it would be exciting discussing his 50th venture. Read on to know more about what Thala had to say , following is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Ajith good evening.

Good evening.

Let us start off with Mankatha, was performing the character sporting a hairy look a tough decision for you?

Not for me at least. I’m not afraid of appearing for the role with such a look. My character in the movie Vinayak Mahadevan is quite an ordinary man with a greed for money. I think it suits the character well.

Billa was your last box office success in 2007. There was such a long wait until Mankatha happened could you explain the delay.

I was enjoying every moment of my personal life and then Venkat Prabhu shared his story which I decided to do. Well, I was more focused on family matters. Anoushka took admission to kindergarten. I also was involved in furnishing my home with Shalini. I took out time to look after my parents’ health. Of course aero – modeling was also a part of my time and there was so much more happening. I have always believed the quality of movies should overweigh the number of movies I do. A good film every few years is always a priority.

Sounds good, although this is your 50th movie your energy levels and excitement is that of a newcomer, you look always charged. What is the secret?

My approach to every movie I perform has the same passion and dedication going into. It doesn’t matter if it is my debut or Mankatha. Thanks to the production department everything was well laid out and so organized that I was solely concentrating on my acting.Hope fully my hard work will translate well.

Talking about the director, could you share you experience working with Venkat Prabhu?

He is in total control over all areas of filmmaking. I think he is the best director I have come across in a longtime. I really like the way he treats his crew on the sets.

Mankatha seems to revolve around betting and cricket. Could you elaborate a bit more on the same?

When Venkat mentioned there were five bad men in the flick and one amongst them was the worst, I knew it was me. I play the  undeniable villain. Venkat has left no stone unturned.

So after completing Mankatha now you are on to Billa 2 prequel, how has the progress been?

Well, it is unusual these days of making a prequel. Where as Billa is a brand by now, we will now take it one step further and tell the fans about what led the character to become Billa. This is an attempt for the same. I will be accompanied by Suresh and the Director Chakri Toleti.

Stardom has definitely been a part of your lifestyle Ajith what do you have to say about it?

I just think I am an actor before I became a star and it will be the same. It is my fans who made me so big. My lifestyle remains the same. Although I would like to add popularity surely robs you of a certain freedom.

Anything you would like to say before we conclude our interview?

I would say live and let live.

Well said, thank you Ajith for a fabulous evening and our heartiest wishes for your upcoming projects.



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