Aishwarya Rai on Endhiran

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is eagerly awaiting Endhiran releasing this Friday  in which she has starred opposite Superstar Rajnikanth.

Aishwarya started her career in Iruvar, Manirathnam movies and  then joined with Shankar in Jeans she has never feared of experimenting .

A small chat with the former Miss world

Interview excerpts

In Your last film Raavanan you had worked very hard  but the film couldn’t succeed at Box office, So any fears on mind with endhiran releasing this week?

We try to do new things every time. We don’t know what will work. If we know the winning formula and keep making only that kind of movies, then creatively it won’t be as exciting for everyone who belongs to the world of cinema. With Endhiran tickets across Tamil Nadu sold for the first three days is a happy news to hear. After watching I hope people appreciate our work in this magnificent spectacle ‘Robot’ and enjoy

What is your character in Endhiran?

Sana , a live wire character

As a child, what were your in your mind about robots?

All of us have specific images of robots, the way a robot is designed, or its functions. There is a stereotypical image. That is our recognition or the definition of who and what a robot is. It is wonderful when a filmmaker tweaks it a bit and redefines it and to make a robot fascinating and adorable.

Rajni Sir plays Dr Vaseegaran and he creates the robot. Sana is intrigued and wants to know all about it.

So who’s romancing whom in ‘Endhiran?

(laughs) For that you will have to watch the movie to find out who’s romancing me and whom I am romancing.

How comfortable you are with Tamil now?

I am very much confident than the Iruvar days. I can understand, read but I don’t take the risk of breaking into a conversation. Shankar had been a great assistance and help. Rajini Sir used to comment “What Tamila”, and I use to request not to flatter me.

The whole experience of the film is amusing.

What is Shankar’s strength as a director?

Shankar is a visionary. He is highly entertaining. He tells us a story in every movie that needs to be told to his viewers, and technically he always pushes the envelope. He redefines magnificent each time; it’s incredible. And he does all that with so much calm on the sets, he is so detailed and organised so even making such a difficult film he is calm on the sets.

What was the best thing about working with Super Star Rajinikanth?

Just like all of you, I have seen his work and have read about his work. I have read how fascinated his viewers are. I have seen how enthralled his audiences are. He is full-on entertaining and to see that in person every single day and to see how simply he does it has been an experience. He comes regularly to the sets with such humility and quietly surprises and fascinates us during the shots, it brings a smile to your face.

Do you have any plans to do a small budget film?

laughs True, I have done a lot of big budget films.  I don’t say yes to a movie asking the budget of the film. My criteria of saying yes to a film are the director, the script, and the character.



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