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Aditi Chengappa:Revathy ma’am was always there – Interview

 Aditi Tamil

>Aditi Chengappa is the babe of the week. Post a dream start in Tollywood she debuts in the much talked movie Konjam Koffee Konjam Kadhal .Popularly known as K4, it will give her a chance to display her caliber as an actress in Kollywood alongside 24 new faces that also includes veterans like Naseer and the gorgeous Revathy ma’m. We caught up with her for an interview; here is an excerpt from the same.


So Aditi all set to enthrall the audience with your first Kollywood movie?

I have my fingers crossed, I had a great start in Tollywood hope I have a good start here too.


That’s like it. Keeping it positive! So would you like to share a bit about your character in the movie?

Well my character is a simpleton, my movie doesn’t concentrate on action and adventure, it a family movie based around normal activities.

Did you ever in your childhood dream of a day become an actress?


No, when I was young I never thought about acting. It is true that I love to perform but somewhere I still feel that music is what introduced me to performance.


So, why did you be a part of a cooking show was it not an attempt at a performance?

Oh that! , you know my mom was the anchor for that show, haha. So please don’t mistake that for being my maiden attempt at acting. I could not refuse ma. She suggested me to the producer of the show.


So we hear you also ar into yoga.Do you really believe in yoga? Many youngsters these days don’t understand the importance of meditation and yoga, how would you explain your experience to them?

Well, I don’t want to give you a long lecture on the advantages of Yoga in my short experience with it I would just like you to know that it really helps keep away stress and bring in a bundle of freshness if practiced every day. My mom is a freak at yoga sometimes I feel I am lucky to have someone in my family to introduce me to yoga from my younger days.

Lucky girl Aditi, let us now come back to the movie again and would like you to tell us a bit about your co star.

Oh! Hriday has a very thoughtful approach on the sets. As for me I still travel back in time sometimes when I see the expressions on his face. His role in Bombay still lingers on, after all it was a movie I saw at the theatre with my family when I was a little girl. We made it a point to watch it every time it came on TV thereafter.


Did you find it easy to get along with the crew? Was speaking Tamil a problem?

I had a starting trouble though I knew my Tamil fairly well to communicate with the crew. Since we had enough sessions already before the shoots to memorize the dialogues, the focus was then to get the facial expression perfectly. Revathy maam was always there to help me, I was happy.


Wow, very few are blessed with such an opportunity. So, before we wrap up this interview, the chance is now yours. Tell our readers how much you love them.

Thank you once again, for your love and support. I am sure my movie will bring cheers to all my fans out there. Please keep praying for me and send me your good wishes as always by watching my movie, Bye for now.


Thank you Aditi for your time, our best wishes for your next project. We expect a grand welcome for K4 at the halls



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