Actress Archana blames director for her bedroom scenes

Actress Archana in Shanthi
Actress Archana in Shanthi

Known for her contributions in movies Puzhal and Ramanathapuram  actress Archana hesitated a moment before we really got her talking to our reporter in full flow. The actress who’s recently turned heads in concern for her steamy scenes with her co-star in a movie titled Shanti (in other words peace) came up with some issues and is trying her best to prove herself innocent of her lustful exhibition.

Archana what do you have to say about those scenes in the movie only suitable for adult viewers?

Initially I acted in the movie because I really liked the script, they never told me about the bedroom scene then but soon after the contract was signed I was pushed for a love making scene, they have portrayed me in bad light, even though I refused to shoot the scenes I was forced into taking vulgar shots. I feel so cheated.

That is really shocking Archana? Would you like to reach out to anyone through our portal?

I really have learned a lesson in life the hard way. I had a special place for cinema in my heart but I have been cheated. I want to request the directors in the industry to really think about giving the heroines better roles and not treat them as objects of lust. Please don’t cheat us with your trickery. I hope it never happens to any other actress.I don’t want to speak further about this.

Thank you.

Well these days making love on screen is a cake walk(an exception being Gautham Menon’s latest release that has been met with much resistance) as mostly everyone turns a blind eye to it in the name of a modern movie and modern scenarios but what if the actress herself starts whining after having all the fun on screen?

You guessed it she surely gets more eyeballs reserved for her movie.



  1. kicks

    Hey…. you were amazing in the video.. I was ….ting whole night after seeing the video…you s i x y b i t c h… you didn’t seemed like you were forced… 

  2. gal

    u shld have complained to nadigar sangam when they forced u.. enjoyed urself and now no use whining.. u wanted the money and sold urself.. as simple as that!!

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