Aadhi looking forward to Kochadaiyaan – Interview


Aravaan has definitely been the big ticket to stardom for Aadhi. Although he began his movie career in Telugu in 2006, it was through Mirugam that the actor in him got noticed. A role as a police officer in the Shankar production Eeram stamped the fact that Aadhi was here to stay. Here is an excerpt from the interview we had with the actor.

Aadhi so finally you’re away from the maddening crowd. Your movie has had a big opening. We are curious to know, how does it feel to be a part of such a grand visual experience?


It definitely feels great to have been associated with the top names in the industry, especially Vasanthabalan Sir. He was very inspiring. I will cherish this experience forever.

Sounds good, we know that Aravaan, is a film based on one of the short stories from this year’s Sahitya Academy winner Kaaval Koottam by Su. Ventakesan. How did you land up for the role?

Well, Vasanthabalan Sir narrated the entire script to me, that moment I realized this is out of the world. No chance that I am letting this go. For an actor with just five films in his career, this is a role one cannot even dream of. Although at that point of time it was a very complicated script. To tell you the truth I was a bit doubtful whether I could recreate the magic of the script. I have to thank Vasanthabalan for offering me such a role. I am so happy I took the challenge.

Great decision, you know we think you gave an awesome performance, multi dimensional in every sense just like Varapuli.

Thank you. Vasanthabalan Sir is really happy with the response. He even mentioned online that he is thankful to the audience for giving the movie a rousing reception. The hard work of our crew has been admired and noticed.


Aravaan is certainly an emotional roller coaster told in a wonderful way. It’s beautiful how we so easily relate to the lives of people who lived 300 years, and feel one in their pain, love. Could you share with us the unforgettable experience you had?

To choose from the wide and wild experiences I had, I would say the most unforgettable moment was the shoot at the Hogenekkal falls where I had to jump into the water from a height of 150 feet into the swirling waters below! Of course we had safety equipment in place but just jumping into those dangerous waters with the force of the falls behind you and then balancing on a rock for the climax, oh my God, I still cannot get that out of my mind. It’s still so fresh. In short the best adventure I had ever, in fact all of us worked very hard. We shot in the hot sun, in forests, on rocky surfaces and even under waterfalls. Hardly a day passed without injury of some sort and our feet were full of bruises since we had to run barefoot.

Your fans are so desperate to know about your future projects, they are really looking forward to your next movie.

Nice to hear that, I have Maranthen Manippen lined up it is a bi-lingual and will be done in Tamil of course and Telugu. And there is the big release Kochadaiyaan, with Rajni sir. I am blessed to be part of such a team again. That definitely is a golden bite for a young actor like me. Aravaan has been received well, and now I have the biggest of all in Kochadaiyaan .I am really looking forrward to the shoots this month.


We are sure you will keep up the good work in the coming times. Thank you for a great movie once again.


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