Aadhi is happy from Aadu Puli response


Aravaan will see Aadhi alongside Dhansika in a period flick produced by T Siva for Amma Creations. The release is supposed to take place around August 2011.The story takes place around the 18th century in deep forests.Aadhi is a happy man these days, but even happier is his mom who had all her wishes see the light of the day with his latest movie Aadu Puli. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

So Aadhi enjoying your post release days, would you like to thank anyone specifically?

Well all I could say is I am really thankful to Vijay Prakash for bringing out the best in me. I was really fortunate to have worked with some senior artist during the films shoots. I felt a part of a bigger family on the sets but most importantly I would like to thank my mom. Her prayers have been answered finally.
Oh that is so sweet, what did she wish for in her prayers, could you tell us a bit?

I was always reluctant and to tell you the truth never accompanied her to any temples. Her favorite one is in Kumbakonam and fate had it for me that during these shoots I had to visit every temple in Kumbakonam. Thanks to her for having faith in me, it really helped.

You seem really satisfied the way things have turned out in this project any incident you want to share with your fans?

Definitely there are many but I remember this one, where Poorna had to ride a bike and I was sitting besides her but the moment she started it I knew I was in for trouble since she didn’t have perfect control of what she was doing, moreover the drains on the roadsides of Pondy made me even more nervous. It was funny and scary.

So what did you do then? She scared with her skills didn’t she?

Later on I had my chance where I needed to drive the bike at over 100 kms an hour. Oh boy what a ride was that her parents were so scared I tell you they were almost in tears. She accepted the challenge gleefully though.

You have Vasanthabalan’s much-awaited film Aravaan waiting in line, what do you have to say on its progress?

We are working on it. Let us see, there is time.

Thank You,

Seems like your efforts to shoot the fight scene despite a fever during the shoots has paid off well too.One piece of advice.Listen to Mama when she speaks. Keep being a good boy and hopefully what goes around will come around for you.


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