A R Rahman says I am no Sachin Tendulkar


We informed you in an earlier post that A R Rahman, who has been nominated for a double Oscar this year too for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours in the categories for Best Original Score and Best Song If I Rise with Dido. All eyes are set on the man, as India is counting down the days for the mega event.

Hi Rahman Sir, we will win again this time isn’t it, everyone has so much expectations from you after musicians from worldwide are waiting for a chance to collaborate with you.

“All I can say right now is that I have won the Oscars before although this time is a very special moment in life again for obvious reasons it is a bit different from the last , I am in no pressure to win the Oscars again. I definitely would want to hit jackpot with both the categories, it is just that i don’t feel as pressurized as the last year”

Oh thats what happens when winning becomes a habit isn’t it?

Haha. (Mr Rahman laughed laughed it off as if he had already expected us to ask him this question)

Recently you were presented the Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum at Davos recently for doing social and charitable work. We are sure you have more blessings than anyone competing for the race for Oscars.

Yes surely, I feel blessed. Well, I’m no Sachin Tendulkar you know, whenever he takes the field, people expect him to score a century before he loses his wicket. I can only give in my best and I always strive to live up to fans expectations, but it’s not possible to get an Oscar every time, that is all I can say.Everything is with the almighty.I won’t be disheartened if someone more deserving gets this Oscar. In my opinion awards honestly must boost up the emerging talent. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the industry getting flooded with great talent who make things exciting.

Are the contenders really different from the last time?

Oh! Surely there is some superb work this year too; it is really hard to tell you who will win this one. Things are really looking better with time for sure and I am sure there is more to come.

Thank you sir for your valuable time.

My pleasure again. Thanks

(thereafter,we saw him whistling away a tune and wonder if it is a new track he has been working on.)

In a nutshell we got just one word for this maestro! Wow! What a humble soul .The best part is all he cares about is entertaining his honest fans and making some great tunes, as someone has rightly said recognitions will follow where excellence prevails .



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