Rahman hopes best for the newcomers interview

A R Rahman hopes best for the newcomers interview

Rahman hopes best for the newcomers interview

Oscar-winner A R Rahman feels some of the current crop of young singers have the unique ability to reach out to people of all age groups. Always been in the limelight thanks to projects like “Ae Ajnabi” from “Dil se”, “Ishq Bina” from “Taal” and “Tere bina” from “Guru”, his penchant for romantic numbers has also been credited to bring together cultures,in a country abundant with it. Rahman’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa and its songs spread like wild fire as we saw Rahman rising once again amidst controversies that he has lost his golden touch post the Oscars. Here is an excerpt from a recent interview with the Mozart of Madras.

Hi, Sir we really love the tune you were whistling away as we were setting up our recording equipment? Which one was it?


Oh thanks, you will here the full version quite soon.

Wow, we are so lucky to get a free preview already.




So tell us what is so different about the remake of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa?

Well, it is entirely a romantic movie throughout and also has a touch of humor thanks to director (Gautham Menon). I would say the soothing narration is what keeps the movie going.

So anything you would like to mention about the music?

For me music is the expression of love I have tried to convey the same feeling.

Sir what do you have to say about young stars like Leon D’Souza?


Well I believe that young voices today are very universal and appeal to all age groups.

Leon’s voice is very unique and fresh with a universal appeal to it. Moreover his voice matches perfectly with the actors’ voice.

You know when we heard him at the recent audio launch at Taj Mahal we also thought the same.


Oh so you were there. I am glad.

Yes how could we miss it? It was our pleasure to be at the audio launch. Good to see so many new singers.

You know music is something which has attracted me when I was growing up, there was always an effort from my side to speak through music. This is the reason why I always think of bringing freshness and mass appeal through my music.

Fabulous, what more can we add to that, your whole approach has something unique about it. How has the journey been post Oscars?

I still feel proud when people outside India say ‘Oh! Is he the same guy who sung ‘Jai Ho’ in ‘Slumdog Millionaire? , It happened recently.

Unbelievable, people can never forget the twin Oscars which brings me to another movie that being Rockstar?

Yes, indeed I never expected that the songs of ‘Rockstar’ would become such a rage, especially among youngsters. Mohit Chauhan did a tremendous job.

What do you have to say about the new tracks in ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ ?


The subject of ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ is very special to me, it brings together love between two communities. Keeping this in mind, we composed this song Mohabbat, have a listen to it.


Will do, your phone is ringing just one last question before you leave, could you confirm about your upcoming projects?

My latest project is with Yash Chopra. Of course it’s a great honour to work with him.I’ve signed 4 more movies .I’m sure you’ll be knowing about them.(Smiles)


That’s news for your fans. We hope this year brings many more surprises and happier birthdays to follow, have a wonderful 2012 sir.


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