Would Michael Vartan get together with ex Jennifer Garner?

Would Michael Vartan get together with ex Jennifer Garner?

Will former real-life couple and Alias co-stars Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan ever get back together?

The 49-year-old actor, who currently stars on The Arrangement, was recently asked about the same. When quizzed if he would ever dip back into that ex pool, he said, “I don’t think so. If it didn’t work once, there’s a reason it didn’t work.” He and Garner (45), had dated for about a year until 2004.

Garner and Vartan began dating soon after Garner filed for divorce from her first husband, Felicity co-star Scott Foley, after three years of marriage.

Everyone’s getting single, he said. It’s crazy. Everyone’s realizing that is so much easier to be single. I love relationships. When they work, when they’re great, they’re great and when they’re not, they’re not.” Vartan made his comments almost a year after Garner and husband Ben Affleck filed for divorce after almost 12 years of marriage. The two, who share three children, split in 2015.


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