Will David S. Goyer direct DCEU’s Green Lantern Corps.?

Will David S. Goyer direct DCEU’s Green Lantern Corps.?

When Warner Bros. announced the DCEU lineup, the last film announced was Green Lantern Corps., slated for release on July 24, 2020. Back in January, it was confirmed that Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer has come aboard to write the screenplay, which will feature two iconic comic book characters, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. And now, according to latest rumors, the studio may be looking at David S. Goyer to helm the same.

It isn’t known how far along David S. Goyer is on the script, or if he has already finished it, but hopefully we’ll have some official updates soon.

Another unconfirmed report from last year revealed that Green Lantern Corps. will actually be an adaptation of the Sinestro Corps War, which will not only feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but also Guy Gardener.

Warner Bros. hasn’t announced when production will begin on Green Lantern Corps., but if there is any truth to this rumor that David S. Goyer is now directing, perhaps we’ll get an official update confirming this news very soon.


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