Universal to make live-action Animorphs movie

Universal is planning an Animorphs project
Universal is planning an Animorphs project

Animorphs, a young adult sci-fi book series created by K. A. Applegate will soon have a live-action feature film. Reports coming in confirm that Universal Pictures is interested in making a live-action feature film of Applegate’s Animorphs book series.

The project is being overseen by Maradith Frenkel of Universal, in conjunction with Silvertongue Films production group. For those who do not know, Silvertongue has been specifically formed to adapt Scholastic properties into films and has inked a three year deal with Universal.

Though no director or screenwriter has been assigned to the project yet, the studio is said to be actively scouting for a writer/ director with sci-fi movie making experience. For now, there’s no particular front-runner for the job.

Animorphs is about five teenagers who come upon a spaceship, where a dying alien grants them special powers – allowing them to shape shift into any creature they have touched, which they use to protect the human race from alien invaders known as Yeerks – slug-like parasites that embed themselves in the brain of the hosts.


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