Tom Cruise joins Doug Liman’s sci-fi project Luna Park

Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow
Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow

Director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) and Tom Cruise have teamed up for another sci-fi project. According to the reports, Tom and Doug are planning to Make Luna Park – a movie about a group of scientists who build a spaceship to travel to moon and secure an energy source.

It seems Liman had long wanted to make the movie, and Cruise’s involvement has provided it the much needed push. The project was first set up at DreamWorks in 2007, but later moved to Paramount. Back in 2011, Liman got really close to making the film, until Paramount grounded the project over budget concerns.

It is to be noted that Doug and Tom are particularly close, since they have already worked on Edge of Tomorrow and are currently working on Mena, scheduled to come out on January 6, 2017.

As for the script of Luna Park, it has gone through several substantial rewrites by a few notable scribes as Simon Kinberg, Ken Nolan and Mark Bowden.


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