Sam Raimi has faith in Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi has faith in Marvel's vision
Spider-Man director Sam Raimi has faith in Marvel’s vision

Few may not remember, but it was Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy that proved that comic book characters as Peter Parker could be brought to the big screen in a way, that, in spite of being true to the source material the character could still be respected by the mainstream moviegoers.

Having said that, Spider-Man is also perhaps the most apt example of how things can go horribly wrong – a cautionary tale for all directors working on big screen adaptations of comic book superheroes.

As you know already, a groundbreaking deal struck between Sony and Marvel will allow Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to venture into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. During a brief chat with the media while promoting Ash vs. Evil Dead, Sam Raimi, director of Spider-Man, voiced his support for the third cinematic iteration of the famous comic book character. He said he believes in Marvel’s vision and can’t wait to see what the studios cook this time.

The fact that Peter would be shown struggling with his superhero and academic life, a feature popular in the comic books, will certainly make an interesting material for the movie.


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