Next Transformers spin-off may take place in ancient Rome

Next Transformers spin-off may take place in ancient Rome

We are very near to the release of the fifth Transformers film in ten years – all of which have been directed by Michael Bay, and all have made tons of money at the box office. So don’t expect Paramount to close that door anytime soon. In fact, they are just getting started. There are sequels, spin-offs and everything in between in the works over the coming years.

So, what’s next? Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, we could be looking at a Transformers prequel set in ancient Rome sometime in the next couple of years. The news comes from a new story in Empire Magazine that details the writer’s room Paramount assembled to put together this Transformers cinematic universe.

It was recently said by Michael Bay that there were plans for 14 different Transformers movies. That is not to say that all of those movies are going to get made, but there are plenty of options on the table. Depending on your overall view of the Transformers franchise, that may sound absolutely awesome or truly, seriously terrible.

To date, the Transformers movies have made $3.77 billion worldwide, and Transformers: The Last Knight, which arrives on June 21, should be adding quite a bit to that total.


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