Movie Review – Transformers: The Last Knight

Movie Review – Transformers: The Last Knight
  • Director – Michael Bay
  • Writer – Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Ken Nolan
  • Cast – Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel, Laura Haddock, Isabela Moner, and others

Michael Bay’s fifth film in the transforming alien robot franchise is so loud, obnoxious and confusing that it almost defies description. In his fifth and allegedly final Transformers movie, Bay serves up medieval battles, submarine chases, helicopter crashes and colliding planets.

The plot takes in Arthurian legend, an alternate history where robots fought Nazis in World War II. An ancient staff, once held by the wizard Merlin, becomes the target of an evil robot witch from the planet Cybertron, who employs the erstwhile leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, to retrieve it. Once again, Earth’s in danger, and only Cade Yeager can save us. Well, him and his growing band of friends, an upper-crust British academic named Viviane (Laura Haddock), Anthony Hopkins as a knighted historian, and Bumblebee.

This profitable franchise has not exactly enjoyed critical praise since its first installment in 2007, and Transformers: The Last Knight is unlikely to change that. The fact that the film required no less than six editors doesn’t come as a surprise.

One of the major criticisms lobbed at the Transformers movies, even by those who might otherwise enjoy them, is that while the films have Transformers in the title, they are really much more about the human characters. This may be truer in Transformers: The Last Knight than in any previous entry in the series. Only Bumblebee has a significant presence throughout the movie, and even he is left to play the third wheel to Wahlberg and Haddock. The same is true for some of the human characters as well, including that of Isabella Moner. Oh, and Anthony Hopkins is in the movie, too. He provides all of the film’s expository dialogue. For a film that’s so paper thin, the mythology has become awfully dense. Because none of the previous four films have set up any of what takes place in Transformers: The Last Knight, the movie has a lot to explain in order to keep you up to speed.

That said, in terms of action, we don’t see anything here that we haven’t seen before in the previous installments.


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