Marvel’s New Warriors will be filming in Atlanta

Marvel’s New Warriors will be filming in Atlanta

Marvel is expanding their relationship with Freeform to include New Warriors, a show that will be filming in Atlanta down the line. Following their previous collaborations with ABC and Netflix, Marvel TV is expanding their reach to include Hulu for Runaways and Freeform for Cloak & Dagger.

While Cloak & Dagger already has a cast, filmed a pilot, and released its first trailer, Freeform has also been working to bring New Warriors to life on their network. Even though casting has not yet been announced, the series now has a filming location. According to the reports coming in, New Warriors will be filming in Atlanta, Georgia when the time comes. There is currently no timetable for it to begin filming, as New Warriors is currently in the early stages of pre-production.

Filming in Atlanta is a staple for Marvel movies, but their TV shows have been stationed in various parts of the country. Los Angeles and New York have been the primary locations, but with Cloak & Dagger going to New Orleans, the Atlanta setting for production could indicate that the New Warriors series will take place in a similar setting – or at the very least one that Atlanta can double for.

After casting relative unknowns with Cloak & Dagger, it is expected that New Warriors will follow suit and fill out their misfit team with new talent.


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