Leslye Headland talks about her film – Sleeping with Other People

A still from Sleeping with Other People
A still from Sleeping with Other People

Leslye Headland, currently in news for penning and directing Sleeping with Other People, recently opened up about her film and gave us a brief insight into the character of Lanie, a role donned by Alison Brie in the film.

Sleeping with Other People is about two people with issues around sex, who eventually become the best of friends.

During an interview, the American screenwriter-director said that she always wanted to pen a script about romance and relationships, without venturing into the darker territories of love. She revealed that she wanted to test if it was possible to write about obsession, infidelity, shame and intimacy, without letting the story send out a negative vibe – and that is how Sleeping with Other People came into existence.

Leslye added that she pulled from her own experience in life – falling in love with her best friend and sleeping with men who weren’t available.

Apart from Alison Brie, the movie also includes Jason Sudeikis, Margarita Levieva, Jordan Carlos, Amanda Peet, and others.


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