Karl Urban confident a new ‘Star Trek’ movie will begin filming next year

Karl Urban confident a new Star Trek movie will begin filming next year

It seems like the Enterprise of Star Trek’s rebooted Kelvin timeline may have another mission left in it after all. Karl Urban, who plays Dr. Leonard McCoy in the films, recently said the ball is entirely in Paramount Pictures’ court, but he’s feeling pretty good about the idea that they’ll do the right thing.

The actor was out promoting his new movie Bent and that is when the topic of Star Trek came up. “It’s really a question for Paramount,” Urban said. “But, that being said, I have such a blast working on those Star Trek movies. You know, that cast, we’re like family at this point. I’m pretty confident within, hopefully, the next year, that we’ll be back on the set.

Urban’s latest comments sound significantly more optimistic than the last time he spoke about the future of the Star Trek film series.


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