Eva Green, Sean Bean eyed as villains for Wonder Woman film

Will WB cast Eva Green as one of the villains in Wonder Woman?
Will WB cast Eva Green as one of the villains in Wonder Woman?

Here’s some more news on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

According to the reports, WB is looking to add Eva Green and Sean Bean to the cast of the solo Wonder Woman project. While Green would play the role of Circe the Sorceress, Bean would bring Ares, the God of War to life.

It is to be noted that they are being eyed for these roles, but the talks for the same may not have begun yet.

Should the reports turn true, fans would get to see Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in action, as both these villains are immortals having a plethora of powers – needless to say that they would pose an imposing challenge for the Amazonian warrior princess. While Circe can bend reality, project illusions and alter minds, Ares has super strength, energy projection and superhuman speed (to name a few).

One thing that stands out in WB’s decision of bringing Circe and Ares to the Wonder Woman film is that the studio wants it to be a fantasy film, instead of pitting Wonder Woman against her Earth-bound foes. This is certainly a step in the right direction for the film.


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