Benedict Cumberbatch calls ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ mind-blowing epic

Benedict Cumberbatch calls Avengers: Infinity War mind-blowing epic

What did Benedict Cumberbatch think when he read the script for Avengers: Infinity War? “Well, that’s a loaded question, because I’m not supposed to have read the script,” said the actor, who reprises the role of surgeon-turned-sorcerer Doctor Stephen Strange in the Marvel superhero movie. “But I have. It’s just mind-blowingly epic.” He added: “It’s like everyone’s constantly in crisis, and catching up with themselves, and it’s really breathless to read a script like that. This isn’t a slow burn. You’re really thrown in helter-skelter.

Cumberbatch pointed out that it’s not Marvel’s practice to hand around the whole script of any particular one of their enterprises, especially a film as big as this, and as secret as this. However, it seems, he kind of had to have a bit of an overview to understand what he was doing in it.

On being quizzed about how important a role he plays in the film, Cumberbatch explained – “He’s pretty actively involved, he’s got quite an important Infinity Stone that’s in his vicinity, and that draws him into the action.


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